North, South and Central America


222 West Memorial Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
MAGPOWR: +1.800.624.7697
Fife: +1.800.639.3433
Tidland: +1.800.426.1000
Place of business and juristiction
Oklahoma City

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Fife-Tidland GmbH

Max-Planck-Strasse 8
65779 Kelkheim
Tel +49.6195.7002.0
Fax +49.6195.7002.933
Amtsgericht Kšönigstein: HRB 3118
VAT Number: DE 113844364
Geschäftsführer: Alexander Haid, Francesco Cristante
Place of business and juristiction
Betreiber der Website ist MAXCESS Intl. und NICHT Fife-Tidland GmbH!


Maxcess Zhuhai.Industrial Autom

No. 7 Warehousing Factory
Hengli Industrial Park
No. 5 Land of Zhuhai Free Trade Z
Guangdong, PR China 519030
Tel +86.756.881.9398
Fax +86.756.881.9393
Place of business and juristiction


Maxcess Japan

135-7 Hasuike Ogura-cho
Uji-cityu, Kyoto-fu 611-004
Tel +81.43.421.1622
Fax +81.43.421.2895
Place of business and juristiction
Chiba City

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