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Safety Accessories for Tidland Knifeholders and Blades

  • 360 Degree Blade Guard
  • Bench Mount Fixture and Safety Gloves
  • Blade Guard Attachments

There is no acceptable level of accidents, one is too many. That’s why we think about safety issues with every product we make. Innovations like our new blade guard provide extra protection and can be easily retrofitted to any Tidland slitter. Tidland Knifeholders feature a removable cartridge so blades can be more safely changed on a workbench. When you choose Tidland, you've made safety a key part of your selection criteria.

360 Degree Blade Guard
The 360 degree blade guard protects an operator from sharp blades while handling knifeholders off of the machine. Available for Class I, Class II, and Class III Tidland Knifeholders.

Bench Mount Fixture and Safety Gloves
Tidland’s convenient bench-mount fixture mounts easily to any workbench with two screws. It features a dovetail guide bar to hold the knifeholder cartridge securely and free up operator hands while performing basic maintenance on the knifeholder. Tidland safety gloves help to protect operator hands when working with sharp blades.

Blade Guard Attachments
Retrofit existing e-Knifeholders, Performance Series, Series C and other knifeholders with a low-cost blade guard to reduce operator injury. This guard is an inexpensive way to minimize the risk of operator injury while upper and lower knives are engaged. Each blade guard attaches directly to the existing knifeholder, acting as an extension to alert operators when they are too close to the blade, giving them more time to react.

See the 360 Degree Blade Guard in Action

This short video shows the entire engage / disengage process of the 360 Degree Blade Guard.

The new e-Knifeholder - safety improvements

Sean Craig shows improvements made to the Tidland e-Knifeholder to help make your process line Safer for the operators.